Important Locations in Paris, MI – Dans La Roux

Landsharks. On the surface, a gourmet surf’n’turf restaurant owned by the gluttonous Hutch Phukh, a massive D’Jinkie able to swallow a child whole. The basement of Landsharks is home to a private supper club where Chef Anne Barbell challenges herself to serve ever more exotic and illegal dishes to Phukh’s ‘special’ clients.

Ratt and Louie’s. An upscale retro diner where customers are served by D’Jinkie rats with roller skates and bad attitudes. Closed on Monday. Specialize in exotic burgers and adult milk shakes. At least once a month, the owners host an invite-only ‘adventure dining’ experience. Every one of these special seatings is unique in terms of cuisine, location, and entertainment.

Iceberg Lanes. A traditional bowling establishment. Serves cheap beer and bar snacks. The staff is largely composed of penguins who occasionally get used as replacement pins when the boss gets angry. Building is always cold. An unusual cast of D’Jinkie regulars can be found here, including: Nigel “The Dawg” Jokowski, Harvey “The Snoz” Lanmana, and Wallie Urschak (a high-strung ex-mercenary).

Jepor’s Parking Garage. Several of the interior floors have been removed to accommodate Jepor’s ever-increasing bulk. Jepor is a gigantic, lethargic D’Jinkie. No one has ever seen him leave the garage, he just keeps growing there. He has developed his own ecosystem including the mischievous Vum Vums and the minuscule industrious Foquods. He is fed scraps from Ratt and Louie’s and rumor has it that he is also fed ‘trouble-makers’ from time-to-time.

The Satine / Kori’s Place. The best hotel in town, owned by Kori Kavemon. Kori was a child star on a prehistoric sit com. On the show, her shocking red hair was the source of a running gag regarding her parentage (neither of her on-screen parents had red hair – but the neighbor did). As an adult, her exotic looks enhanced her desirability as a fashion model. Now later in life, she is still quite attractive and the very definition of a cougar. She invested her income well and now owns the Satine. The rumor is that if you know who and how to ask, nearly any desire can be fulfilled here. Naturally, the more ‘unusual’ the request, the more it’s going to cost you.

The Flotson Family Home. The Flotson family are one of the few families that have been a more-or-less permanent fixture in Paris. Currently led by Allen Flotson, the Flotson’s are just normal D’Jinkies trying to live a normal life… what ever that means.  Mona is Allen’s wife and their children are Bret and Jenny.

Mr. Sampson’s Office. Mr. Lynn T. Sampson played a number of B-movie monster roles in his youth, but is most famous for the grumpy title role in “Mersog Versus the Christmas Elves.” He retired to Paris with his beloved lap dog Hunk. He is pushed around town in his custom, gothic-styled wheeled throne by two indistinguishable large but generic D’Jinkie monsters. His nurse is an attractive human female. He makes high interest loans from his office and therefore owns most of the poor D’Jinkies in town.

Romero’s Penthouse. Romero Rabbit is a short, scruffy humanoid D’Jinkie rabbit who played a series of typical funny animal lead roles. A notable exception is his portrayal of a small knight in the cult classic in The Dark Labyrinth. Incredibly egotistic in person. Owns a lot of property. He keep a penthouse which he will lend out to other “famous” people when he’s out of town – which is often the case as he travels along doing appearances.

The Old Abandoned House on the Edge of Town (TOAHOTEOH). Every town has a house like this. Most have rumors of being haunted. Toahoteoh is no exception. Except it may actually be haunted. Unless those are ghost D’Jinkies (as opposed to D’Jinkie ghosts). Or maybe there are criminals trying to scare away curious kids. Or maybe all of the above.

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