La Rue / La Roux

Inspired by The Street by Paul E Cooley, Chew by John Layman, a throw-away quote from Get Lucky from Cheap Ass Games, and Ratatouille from Disney. Characters struggle to survive the dark culinary underworld of a fictional Paris. A (Dark) D’Jinkies setting.

As the world economy falls prey to the whims of the wealthy few, the D’Jinkies find their particular forms of entertainment falling out of favor. Some find new art forms through which to support themselves, but many fall by the wayside, scrabbling just to make due. In Paris, D’Jinkies find themselves in one of four camps: supporting one of two underground restaurants, obtaining and selling contraband food items to the highest bidder, or just trying to keep your head down on the long street that runs between the two.

Lardporks is an underground restaurant owned by Lardpork the Glutton but run by Chef Angelo. The Rats from the Show and the related movies have opened their own underground restaurant called Ratatouille. Both restaurants are illegal, exotic, and highly praised by French gourmands. Due to the questionable staffing techniques and even more questionable ingredients, both restaurants could be legally shut down at any time. However, they are so popular, and so free with bribe money, that neither appears to be under any real threat. And if they should get closed, it is only a matter of time until they open up somewhere else along La Rue. Both restaurants are a source of employment for D’Jinkies, but that employment is nearly always demeaning and transitory. Only the most talented or most loyal D’Jinkies find themselves with coveted, and permanent, position. It doesn’t hurt if they had a degree of popularity before the crash.

Olive and her team make a healthy living running questionable and outright illegal ingredients for both restaurants. Neither the management of Ratatouille nor of Lardporks like the smugglers, but they recognize their importance to their business. Both the Glutton and the Rats would love to force Olive into an exclusive relationship, but so far, the green furry monster and her people have remained independent.

The rest of the D’Jinkies on the street do whatever they have to get by and stay independent. Those with some money set aside when things went south invested in property. But most do or sell whatever they have to just to survive. And given some of the depraved fantasies of the most extreme D’Jinkie-Philes, that can lead to some pretty dark things.

How will you survive in La Rue?

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