A Belated Update

I’ve been working on a couple of tangential projects lately.  Yes, yes, I know – mayfly designer. But some of them are pretty cool.

(1) I’ve been working with my daughter (and the rest of the family) to build a ‘fairy garden’.  There are a number of small planters, about half have been hung on a tree in our yard. We’ve added four handcrafted ‘doors’ for the fairy guests and will soon be adding a number of signposts to fictional locations.  

(2) A project I’ve codenamed #Monop4D – it’s a time-travel add-on (or potentially a set of add ons) for a ubiquitous property-trading board game. Go back in time and buy a property out from under your competitor!  As part of the design, I will be adding alternate win conditions which should shorten play time. When I get the alpha prototypes done, I will release PDFs for Print-and-Playtesting

(3) A lot of my time has been focused on my face-to-face (or on-line) games. I really thrive on prepping situations and then watching players run through them, so the ratio of entertainment value to time investment is high for me here. A plus side of this prep has me thinking about an additional deck for the “Quick and Dirty Heroes” line – Amerythica.

Imagine jackalopes grazing near roadside vegetable stalls and tourist destinations along Route 66. Children running lemonade stands and selling newspapers on street corners.  Johnny Appleseed’s Genius Bar and the Thunderbird Casino sit next to a drive-in burger shop on Main Street. Suburbia is filled with little pink houses, white picket fences, and pillar-porches houses with red-white-and-blue circular banners. Model Ts racing with muscle cars. And the Badlands are populated with bow-and-arrow wielding reptoids, robotic cowboys on cybernetic horses, and various species of dinosaurs. President-for-Life Teddy Roosevelt rides a stegosaur and Confederate terrorists constantly threaten public events.

Amerthica is the America that never was and will always be. I can’t wait to start fleshing out the deck.

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