Raven, Wolf, and Cow

Several years ago, I wrote a quick draft of a game for a Story Game competition called “Raven, Wolf, and Cow: Tales from the Murderland Cafe” (RW&C).  The game was judged as “half-baked” and I’ve not really done anything about it since.

But this week, as I’m thinking about laying out the Quick & Dirty Heroes deck for printing, I find myself reconsidering RW&C. The game was originally built around a standard 52-card deck, but I am considering a simplified re-cast that would use a custom deck with “raven”, “wolf”, and “cow” as suits.

As a quick synopsis, in RW&C three players play three waitresses in an isolated dinner who just happen to be manifestations of the triple-goddess. A customer comes in for a meal and the waitresses entertain themselves telling stories about the customer. Each round, one of the waitresses successfully divines the truth and by the end of the meal, one of the waitresses has ‘won’ their story-telling contest and gets to set the customers fate.

The game is designed to be quick and easy, and could still be played with a standard deck, but I am considering a free print-and-play version of RW&C. Is there any interest in me putting this together?

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