This Week’s Thoughts

One. Last week, my daughter roughed out the first draft of a fairy-tale inspired deck for “Quick and Dirty Heroes”. The aspects need work, but it was a solid first pass.

Two. I am considering adapting the concepts I used for J.D.’s birthday puzzle to learning applications. I’ve thought a lot over the last few years about ‘gamification’ of learning and the success of the birthday event has me thinking more about how to do more of that. How can I bring puzzle-like clues, multi-media messages, and geo-caching together to engage an audience in learning a traditionally un-engaging topic?

Three. I still haven’t gotten a business plan for “Quick and Dirty Heroes” together. I’ve been waiting to bring a team and some data together, but as time hasn’t been my friend on this front. I may have to build a straw-man and then modify based on additional inputs.

Four. I’m also going to rough out the layout for the card sheets. This is a challenge. A twenty card deck is one 18-card sheet plus 2 – which is two sheets for a single deck. So what should I include to fill things out? One page of how to use this deck? Yes. A list of kickstarter backers? Sure. Card based-versions of the micro-character sheet? Possibly. Between those two, that takes  12 cards – leaving four. Setting information? Alternate uses of the deck? Do you have any ideas? How much should the “extra” cards vary from deck to deck?

Thanks, as always, for your support and interest.


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