The Week That Was and The Week That Will Be

In addition to birthday wonderfulness (the kids’ birthdays are three days apart) and associated house guests and fun, I had THE COLD last week. I was out of work for two days – and spent most of that time in bed trying to sleep between coughing fits. The rest of the week I went into the office but that sapped pretty much all my energy as the coughing continued to keep me up at night. I powered through the various activities associated with birthday week and am thankful I did so. 

But all that is behind me. I was only woken by one coughing fit of note last night and while still quite tired, feel the best I have in ten days. My outside commitments have been discharged. And J.D. is on Spring Break this week. 

So… what is Applied Geekery Studios working on this week? I hope to put the business plan for the Kickstarter to paper this week. We are preparing a TARDIS tool kit (I will post pictures of the process) for our murder mystery weekend. I need to schedule and prepare a couple of games. And I am working with a colleague to plan and prepare a special surprise for his wife’s birthday. I am trying not to get distracted by some ideas J.D. and I kicked around for a setting inspired by Wreck It Ralph and Re-Boot called “Cloud Central Station”. That’s for development after the Kickstarter gets kicked off and needs to stay in line behind Djinkies.

A couple of questions for you: 

(1) I am pondering “Quick and Dirty Heroes” as the title of the character generation system. It could be sub-titled with the setting/genre.  For example, the original deck of 20 archetypes would be “Quick and Dirty Heroes: Rukswyld”

(2) We’re always looking for artists to partner with. I have and will be calling on artists I know personally, but as we get into more projects I would like a pool of options. If you are interested (even if you are already a friend), please let us know. Applied Geekery Studios is going to be trying to do a wide-range of things. We have ideas for more card decks, possibilities of mysteries like I prepared for JD, and even a custom comic book. 

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