Photos from the Alpha Test



The cards are crude prototype, but I wanted to give you a sense of what we’re working on. Each deck has twenty cards – not coincidentally the same number as the number of major arcana in the tarot. Each card has an Identifier (upper left hand corner) and a Number (roman numeral in the bottom corner). A set of FATE accelerated Approaches will be associated with each number (upper left hand corner). Each unique identifier has a set of aspects and a stunt (bottom half in the prototypes). 





Each player is dealt 5 cards and they lay them in a traditional cross in any order they wish. They can then read out their approaches, with each card providing 3 ‘pips’. This structure will not always give the recommended pyramid of Fate Accelerated, but it provides a reasonable spread. The players then choose their approaches and stunt(s).  Their high concept aspect is chosen (or inspired) by the aspects indicated with a ‘+’ – typically from the top card. Their flaw is chosen (or inspired) by the aspects indicated with a ‘-‘ – typically from the bottom card. Their remaining three aspects come from the ‘*’ suggestions – typically from the middle three cards.

Any stunt (or stunts) can be chosen, but for the first play test, I recommended the players focus on the stunt on the top card.



This card (made from a quarter sheet of paper) is the character that came from the first picture. Lady Catherine has four approaches at 2, one at 1, and none at 3. So she’s got a broader base of skills – but doesn’t excel in any one area. 

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes – this particular character was designed by my 8-year old – I had not discussed the tool before hand and she, like the players at Hoop and Stick Con, picked up the idea pretty quickly.

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