A Quick Status Update (March 10, 2014)

J.D., in addition to his many other talents, is an aspiring thespian. His big spring show is this week so but he and Blue are a bit… distracted.

That said, we are busily sketching out two more potential decks for milestones in our impending Kickstarter: one with a Sci Fi theme and the other based around the Djinkies.  Who are the Djinkies, you ask?  Well, watch for a post sometime this week introducing them.

Other next steps: We have a couple more ‘play’ tests of the original deck coming up in the next couple of weeks – one for one of our design consultants, to give them as an idea of what we are thinking so they can help us take the look of the final cards to a whole new level.

Blue is also working on the Kickstarter business plan so we can offer the decks at a reasonable price, pay our artist(s), and still not lose money on the launch. 

Finally, our decks need a name. We’ve got some ideas, but would love your input. Perhaps we need to work out some sort of contest to name the product line.  Hrm. Something else to think about

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